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Too many businesses in the Cedar Rapids area struggle because they’re operating on outdated hardware or unsupported software. Don’t get left in the 20th century when it comes to your business’s technology! We are happy to offer free consultations to new customers who wish to update their hardware, software or network connectivity.

Connecting More Than Just Hardware

Here at Network Computer Solutions, we believe in staying connected to our community, and we’re proud to support a number of local community organizations, including scholastic sports teams, arts programs, volunteer committees, festivals and others. Staying involved in the community helps us to get to know you better, and in the end, helps us to better help you.

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Thank you for visiting Network Computer Solutions of Eastern Iowa. If you’re looking for a company to help you maximize the hardware, software and interconnectivity of your business, Network Computer Solutions is the solution for you. We offer free consultations for businesses looking to take the next step toward network implementation. Whether you need a company to help you maximize your current hardware or software or expert advice for selecting the best equipment to position your business and employees for success, Network Computer Solutions is here to help.